A former high school cheerleader who played guitar in the rock band, a now 22-year-old Kat Saul was raised in Nashville on a steady diet of Top 40 radio and early 2000 rock records. At the intersection of the Katy Perry album she first heard in her babysitter’s car and The Maine concert she attended in middle school at skate park gone music venue Rocketown - Kat makes music that feels like growing up. 

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Currently a senior at Belmont University, Kat spent her college experience honing her sound. Channeling a love for female fronted bands like Grace Potter & The Nocturnal, her knack for crisp pop production, and her razor sharp lyricism - Kat hopped on the scene with the release of her debut EP ...From Unit 408 in 2019.  She’s collaborated with industry heavyweights such as John Rausch (Taylor Swift, P!nk) and Evren Göknar (The Killers, Snoop Dogg and John Lennon), and Prince Fox (Hailee Steinfeld, Quinn XCII), shared stages with RKCB, and Great Good Fine OK, and has been featured on Spotify’s NMF in 11 countries, Amazon Music’s Weekly One, iHeart, Lightning 100, and Popdust, among others. 

With new music on the way and graduation around the corner, Kat’s upcoming project is the product of her youth. It’s Friday night lights, emo phases and prep school - sparkly pop songs, glitter-eyeliner, power chords, hip hop beats and head-bangers. 

“I'm into chihuahuas and Kermit the frog memes. I’m passionate about hydration. I love hair chalk and girlie colors. I live to perform live. I write to get through the chaos of being human,” says Kat. “I was made in the 90s and this is what that sounds like to me.”